Anyone who has seen one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s TV shows knows that he has a very low tolerance for people who are very stupid. Well, Ms. Woefully Ignorant went to Ramsay’s restaurant last week and left very quietly.

Whoopi Goldberg walked into his French-style restaurant in Los Angeles, Bistro Herown Vagina, and asked for a table in the back. Whoopi Goldberg is a well-known actress and host of a talk show that millions of lefties love to watch. She was with the show’s producer, Joe Barron, and one of the hosts, Joy Behar.

When Ramsay saw the wild-haired promoter while he was watching the special spaghettios al fresco dish being made, he lost his temper.

Is that stupid Goldberg bird supposed to be there? Who among you swine gave her permission to mess up my place? Let’s go!”

When Goldberg heard about the explosion, he did the same thing.

Hey, there’s that stupid, limey cook. “Sara Lee, why don’t you go back and make me a grilled cheese sandwich?”

I guess that was the end for Ramsay. He went over to Whoopie’s table and slapped the View’s first host in the face with his penis while keeping his hands on his hips. He then yelled as security threw her out the front door.

“Leave, leave, leave! I’m Scottish, you awful ugly shit drinker.

This is the end of the story about how Whoopi got out of Her Own Vagina. It sure took a while for that joke to catch on.

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