Cardi B is talking to Tasha K because she said something about how the rapper felt about the stepson of the billionaire on the missing submarine going to a Blink 182 show while everyone was worried.

“Alright, so one of the lost billionaires was on a submarine. Cardi B said, “One of the billionaires’ stepson is at a concert, right? A Blink-182 concert,” after hearing that Brian Szasz, the stepson of British millionaire Hamish Harding, who was on the Titanic tour submarine that went missing, recently went to a Blink-182 concert.

“People were like, ‘What’s he supposed to do, sit at home and be sad? Should he go out and look for him himself?’ Yes. “You were supposed to be home,” she said. “You were supposed to cry for me, and you were supposed to be right by the phone waiting for news about me. Isn’t it sad that, even though you’re a billionaire, no one cares about you? Like, you’re missing, and motherfuckers is ready to shake dicks at shows. That’s not right. I’d rather be poor and broke as long as I know I’m loved.”

When the stepson’s stepson heard about Cardi’s response, he called her out on Twitter, saying, “What a pos trashy celeb.” “Cardi B is trying to get attention by making me and my family suffer. I didn’t want to sit at home and watch the news, so I went to a Blink 182 show instead. Cardi, you should have some class!”

Szasz said in a different tweet, “Cardi B We know that all of your new albums are garbage, but is your business really that desperate for attention now?

Cardi replied to Szasz’s tweet by saying, “The point was that everyone is praying for the people in the submarine, but this man’s son is online shaking dicks for girls off onlyfans and going to Blink 182 concerts.” You were always trying to make a name for yourself. No one knew who you were until you said that was your stepfather. This is why people hate you, you spoiled brat billionaires, because you’ve become so insensitive.

Cardi also heard about what Tasha K said about her putting guns after Takeoff’s death on Instagram.

“And Tasha K, with your nasty ass, it’s disgusting that you used Takeoff to prove a fake ass point. I lost weight, couldn’t eat or sleep, and my boyfriend and I are still dealing with it to this day. I’m a rapper, and we get picked on all the time, so I have guns to protect myself. But since you want to be funny for comments, I’ll make sure your kid doesn’t go to college. You think my lawyers don’t know you’re hiding money in Africa? I’m going to make sure I get every penny of my $4,000,000. DO NOT EVER SAY THE NAME OF THE TAKEOFF.”

After Cardi sued Tasha K for slander, a judge said that Tasha K had to pay Cardi almost $4 million in damages.

After Cardi’s tweet, Tasha posted a video on Instagram that included a snippet of Takeoff’s line from the song “Messy.”

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