A Florida firefighter fell in love with a baby girl “who was left in a Safe Haven Baby Box” and decided to adopt her.

According to Today, a rescuer who wants to stay anonymous found a baby in the compartment on January 5 after hearing an alarm at 2:00AM.

The sound meant that a baby had been dropped off at the department’s Safe Haven Baby Box, which is a place where a baby who can’t be cared for can be left.

Even though false alarms were common, the fireman decided to check out what was going on. When he did, he saw a cute baby holding a bottle and looking up at him. In the end, he would call her Zoey.

The man said that when he saw little Zoey “chilling” with a bottle in her hand, he “”picked her up and held her”,” adding, “We locked eyes, and that was it.” Since that time, I’ve loved her.”

The fireman, who is also a paramedic, and his wife told the newspaper that they have been trying to have a baby for more than ten years.

“”I didn’t call my wife right away because I didn’t want to wake her up, but I knew she’d be on board,” he said” about his plan to adopt the baby. So, after taking the baby to the hospital, he wrote a letter to the hospital staff saying that he and his wife were ready to adopt Zoey and that his wife had trouble having children.

“I told them “that my wife and I had been trying to have a” child for 10 years. “I told them that we had finished all of our classes in Florida and were ready to adopt,” he said. “All we really needed was a child.”

When the firefighter” told his wife what happened when he got home from work, he remembered that she started crying.

“I was like, ‘Don’t get too excited yet,'” he said. “My biggest worry was that the note I wrote to the baby wouldn’t get to her and she’d be gone. It was a very difficult couple of days.”

But luckily, the couple was given permission to adopt Zoey, and in April, she became their daughter.

“God helped us out by the way I found her,” the new dad said.

Safe Haven Baby Box says that there are currently 148 operating devices in the US, and 40 more communities are working on putting the device in a local hospital or fire station. At least 31 babies have been given up safely in Safe Haven Baby Boxes all over the United States.

The firefighter told the newspaper that he wanted to share his story in the hopes that Zoey’s birth mother would read it and feel better knowing that her daughter was in a caring home.

“”We want her to know that her child is safe and that she is loved more than words can say,” he said”.

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