A couple has gotten a lot of comments telling them to avoid the girl whose pose in the photos was seen as strange. People on TikTok noticed something strange about the bride’s new wedding photos, which she had just posted.

Many people were looking at the bridesmaid who seemed to be touching the groom a lot.

Bride Notices A Worrying Detail In Her Wedding Pics

The couple looked happy and loved when they smiled and looked into each other’s eyes. In the first picture, the girl in the navy blue dress had her arms around the groom, and in the second, her hand was close to her nether region.

“Did she not get the message that she wasn’t the bride?” asked one confused watcher.

“I think the photographer is trying to tell you something,” wrote someone else.

Many people said that they would already be getting a divorce.

The video was watched 18 million times, but the account was later deleted.

But the couple was able to post a film explaining what happened. The man says that the bridesmaid was about to fall over while she was standing because she lost her balance. He said, “The photographer told the bridal party to do a crazy pose while my wife and I were kissing, and she did it and almost fell over.”

“I’m sorry to let down everyone who thought I was a cheater and the bridesmaid was a homewrecker.”

Still, there are people who say the reason doesn’t make sense. One person said, “If I was about to fall, I would have grabbed an arm, not a hand. There are also several scenes where they are holding hands. There’s nothing out of place.”

“I’m sorry she’s even holding his hand while you two are KISSING?! And honey, he’s holding her right back. How come none of you care about that?”


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