Kim Kardashian was meant to get a surprise trip to Las Vegas for her 42nd birthday, but she never made it there because of some bad weather.

This week’s new episode, called “The Tension Is Brewing,” took place just before Kim’s 42nd birthday. Her sister Khloe Kardashian and her friend Tracy Romulus were planning a surprise trip to Las Vegas to see Usher in concert.

Kim said in her confession that she knew about the trip to Vegas in the end, but she didn’t know about the Usher show, even though it didn’t matter.

On the trip that had to be cut short, Kim went with Steph Shepherd, Malika Haqq, Tracy Romulus, Olivia Pierson, Natalie Halcro, Kris Jenner, and Khloe.

Trip: This week's new episode - entitled The Tension Is Brewing - happened just before Kim's 42nd birthday, with her sister Khloe Kardashian and friend Tracy Romulus planning a surprise getaway to Sin City, to see Usher perform in concert

“The big surprise is today. So the plan is that Kimberly will know where we’re going, and we’ll basically take her hostage. Khloe says before the trip, “We’re putting her in a party van with no windows so she can’t see outside.”

Kim tells Steph Shepherd that she doesn’t know what they’re going to do, and she thought, “I’ll spend my birthday in bed with the kids.” I was really cool.’

Kim also admits, “My surprise birthday party is today.” I’m going along with it because Khloe is the best and I know she’s worked so hard on this and I don’t want to break her heart.’

Friends: Kim was joined by Steph Shepherd, Malika Haqq, Tracy Romulus, Olivia Pierson, Natalie Halcro, Kris Jenner and Khloe on the trip that got cut short

Kim and Steph walk out to the van while Kim confesses that she has no idea where they’re going in Vegas.

Surprise: Kim adds in confession, 'Today is my surprise birthday party. I'm playing along because Khloe is the best and like I know she's worked so hard on this and I like don't want to break her heart'

“I know “we’re going to Las Vegas, but I don’t know” why. Kim says, “I’m just going to keep that element of surprise.”

When she gets to the van, everyone cheers. Khloe asks her if she’s ready to go to a strip club as the van drives away.

Cheer: She arrives at the van and they all cheer, as the van takes off, as Khloe asks if she's ready to go to a strip club

“Oh no, that’s not my style at all. Is that what we’re going to do?’ Kim asks Steph, who is making a joke, “Why do you think you look good in a bra top?”

Jello shots: They start taking Jello shots on the plane, adding in confession, 'I'm such an Usher fan. Who isn't an Usher fan, right? Like, he's the best'

The van pulls up to an airport building where showgirls are waiting. Khloe admits, “Like, we have showgirls, we’re going on a plane, and it’s already night, so it can’t be in a faraway place.” We can’t go to Bermuda or wherever, because she hasn’t packed her bags.’

Known: Back on the plane, they start experiencing some turbulence, though Khloe says, 'It's known there is going to be turbulence, this is not a shock'

Back in the hangar, they ask Kim if she can guess where she’s going, and she thinks Vegas.

43: The turbulence continues as Kim says, 'I have to make it to 43 please,' as Khloe adds in confession, 'I'm getting a little nervous, I don't love turbulence. This isn't the way the party is supposed to start'

“Usher music is being played on the plane… Kim, please, let me help you. You don’t know where we’re going yet, do you? Kim says, “I’m sorry.”

Kim finds out on the plane that they’re going to an Usher show and says, “Oh my God, Usher in Vegas? I’ve been told that the show is great. Now I’m so excited to go to Las Vegas with all my friends for my birthday. A concert? It makes a big difference.’

Down and up: Kim adds in confession, 'We go down and then we pull back up, twice, and that scared me. The first time I'm like, oh you're joking. And once I realized it's not a joke, we actually can't land, I'm like, I'm not messing with my life, like, let's go home. But it sucks'

On the plane, they start drinking Jello shots and say, “I’m such an Usher fan.” Who isn’t a fan of Usher? Like, ‘He’s great.’

When they get back on the plane, they start to feel some turbulence. Khloe says, “We knew there would be turbulence, so this is not a surprise.”

Kris says, “Well, I used to be a flight attendant, so I’m really good at staying calm on a plane when there’s turbulence, but it seems a little extreme tonight.”

Kim says, “I have to make it to 43, please,” and Khloe says, “I’m getting a little nervous, I don’t like turbulence.” The turbulence keeps going on. This isn’t how the party is supposed to start.’

Someone says, “We were about to land, but then we took off again.” This lets them know that they are not arriving as planned.

Khloe admits, “This is some scary s**t,” and when she gets back on the plane, she asks her mother what is going on.

“Nothing, we’re just going to try again,” he said, adding that it was “too windy.” They are going to try landing again, and if they can’t do it this time, they have to go back home.

Kim says, “I’m sorry,” “Twice, we go down and then come back up, and that scared me.” “The first time, I thought you were kidding. And when I understood that it” wasn’t a joke and that we really couldn’t land, I was like, “I’m not messing with my life,” and “Let’s go home.” But it’s awful.’

Over the loudspeaker, the pilot says, “Since the air traffic controller won’t let us land in Las Vegas, we have no choice but to go back.”

Khloe says in her confession, “We feel so bad for everyone who has done so much to make Kimberly’s birthday so special.” You plan, but God laughs.

The plane arrives safely in Los Angeles, and the pilot says, “Sorry it didn’t work out.” Khloe says, “No, thank you for keeping us safe.”

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