John Boyega has finally talked to Jamie Foxx, and he says that the star is doing well.

Boyega and Foxx are both in the upcoming science fiction movie “They Cloned Tyrone,” and Boyega told People that he was able to talk to his co-star. Fans have been very worried about the 55-year-old since he hasn’t been seen in public since he had a medical emergency in April. This new update is a relief to them. Many people think that the comic had a stroke, but no one knows for sure. Boyega said last week that he had been trying to call Foxx ever since he heard about his health problem but hadn’t been able to reach him.

“Finally, he answered the phone. Thanks, dude. He is doing fine. Then, you know, we’re just giving him his space, and we can’t wait for him to come back,” Boyega said with joy.

Since the medical accident on the set of “Back in Action” in Atlanta, Foxx has not been seen. He is supposedly getting help at a facility in Chicago. Foxx talks on the phone with more people than just Boyega. The director of “They Cloned Tyrone,” Datari Turner, also got to talk to the Hollywood star, and he echoed what Boyega said.

“He’s in great shape and good moods. He’ll be on the screen again. Turner also told the source, “He’ll be back at work very soon.”

Corinne, Foxx’s daughter, hasn’t said much about her father on social media in the past few weeks, even though she used to do so often. At the beginning of May, she said that her father had been out of the hospital for a few weeks and was getting better, even though she had heard that his health was getting worse quickly. Since then, she has turned off comments on Instagram and hasn’t posted any new posts.

Let’s keep sending good thoughts to the popular star.

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