Moriah Mills, who is in adult movies, recently revealed that she had been dating Zion Williamson for three years. Now, she says she is pregnant with his child.

On Wednesday, Mills went on TikTok and posted a picture of a good pregnancy test that showed she might be pregnant. As the caption, she put a butterfly and a basketball.

The post was shared not long after Mills said they were dating in response to news that “Williamson and his girlfriend Ahkeema were having a girl.

Since Ahkeema and Williamson”‘s gender reveal party, Mills has made fun of the Pelican star on social media over and over again.

She wrote, “It seems like you’ve had a girlfriend and slept with other women behind my back.” “Better pray that I’m not pregnant too, because I’m definitely late.”

So far, Williamson hasn’t said anything in public about Mills’ reports that she is pregnant.

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