At a recent event, Ja Rule tried to impress the crowd by getting up from a paramedics’ stretcher during his set. People on social media, though, are making fun of the move.

Stretcher’s beginning by Ja Rule

Ja Rule was one of the performers at Nelly’s Hot in Herre Festival in Toronto over the weekend. It looks like the rapper who used to be in Murder Inc. wanted to add something memorable to his set, so he was rolled out on a bed. In the video of Ja’s concert set (below), he can be seen lying on his back on a stretcher that is being moved by two paramedics. Over the speakers, you can hear the sound of a heartbeat beating. Suddenly, Ja yells, “Ayo, let these n***as know who I am. “N***a, I’m one of the three.”

Then Ja stands up straight, like The Undertaker, and his hit song “Livin’ It Up” starts to play. Then he jumps off the bed and starts to do a show for the crowd.

How people felt about Ja Rule’s stunt at the Hot in Herre Festival

Many of the people who commented on the post didn’t like how over the top Ja Rule’s opening was.

“Because his job is on the verge of dying? “That’s it? Under the post, one Instagram user wrote something.

“He thought he ATE,” another person wrote.

“It’s the paramedics leaning over him like they’re putting the finishing touches on a subway sandwich and only have 5 minutes to get back from their break,” someone else joked.

Others pointed out that Ja Rule is not the first person to pull the bed out, saying that Ginuwine did the same thing on 106 & Park years ago.

“Ginuwine did it first,” said someone else, adding several crying and laughing emojis.

“He stole the whole bottle of Ginuwine sauce,” says one reply.

The Hot in Herre Festival in 2023.

The Nelly-hosted Hot in Herre event is called “Toronto’s newest throwback Hip-Hop and R&B festival.” This was the first year of the event. T.I., Rick Ross, Akon, Fat Joe, Chingy, Ne-Yo, and Keri Hilson all performed there. Akon also went viral when he crowd-surfed in an inflatable bubble at the event.

Watch Ja Rule get off a stretcher at the 2023 Hot in Herre Festival, where he was performing.


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