A man with Down syndrome and his wife were able to have a child and raise him to become a doctor, which goes against what people think. People often think that people with Down syndrome can’t have kids, but women with Down syndrome can have kids, “and in rare cases, men with Down syndrome can also become fathers”. Find out about Jad Issa and his amazing story.

Even though he was a father with Down Syndrome, he loved his baby very much.

Father With Down Syndrome

Like any other parent, Jad loved and cared for his son Sader when he came into the family. Sader remembers that when he was “a child, his father would spend time with him playing games and” getting to know him. The family was also accepted and helped by the people in the area.

He worked very hard to make sure his son could reach his goals.

Father With Down Syndrome

Jad’s father worked in a wheat mill and saved money so that his son could go to college and follow his dreams. Jad became a doctor because of how hard he worked and how dedicated he was.

Sader wrote in a picture with his dad, “I think I would have been much less excited about life and much less passionate about what I do if I didn’t have my special father.”

This doctor’s son makes this father with Down syndrome very proud.

Father With Down Syndrome

As a dentist, Sader has “one of the most respected and well-paying jobs in Syria, which makes Jad” very happy. While his son was still in school, Jad would be happy to tell people, “My son is a doctor,” and his eyes would twinkle.

This family is a great example of how assumptions can be broken.

Father With Down Syndrome

Sader said that even though his parents have been together for decades, their relationship is still strong and full of love. They like to take long walks and talk for hours. Sader is proud of his father, whom he says is the reason for his success. In their free time, he and his father like to watch movies together.

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