When more than half of American teens have problems with how they look, which can hurt their self-esteem and lead to eating disorders or depression, it’s even harder to find partners who can support you both mentally and physically.

Physical attraction is the most important thing.

The Rarity of Partners

In our world, there is no doubt that body image has a big impact. Even though self-acceptance groups are growing, the pressure to be perfect is still there. Some relationships are sad because they are based only on physical desire and don’t have a deeper emotional bond.

Change is a natural part of how time goes by.

Most relationships that are built only on physical attraction don’t last long. As we get older, our bodies go through changes caused by things like stress, medication, sickness, mental state, and aging itself. These changes can cause our size to change in ways we don’t want.

Make sure everything is clear.

The Rarity of Partners

Instead of focusing on how your partner’s body changes, you should help and encourage them to love themselves. Open up honest talks to find out what’s bothering them and to work together on a plan to make things better. Remember that the way their body is changing shouldn’t be a reason to stop liking them and leave them.

Find out how to accept yourself and love your body.

Changes in your body can put your relationship to the test. Accept every part of them, teach them to accept themselves, and show them love to boost their self-esteem.

Grow as a group.

The Rarity of Partners

It’s important to love your partner no matter what, if you want to have a healthy partnership. Accept their flaws, enjoy being with them, and try to build a deep relationship that goes beyond how they look.

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