Chuando Tan, a 57-year-old well-known Singaporean photographer, won recognition for his mesmerizing self-photos and portraits of others, which reveal an astoundingly young appearance that belies his actual age of 51.

Throughout his career, Chuando Tan has kept up his fitness.

57-Year-Old Man

Chuando Tan, a Singaporean guy, found a new route in photography that took an unexpected turn after having a successful modeling career in the 1980s and a brief spell as a pop singer in the 1990s.

In an interview, he stated: “After friends indicated that customers now days take a photographer’s social media following into account, I launched an Instagram account. I made the decision to post a few self-portraits and captions to brighten up my feed.

Users were intrigued by Tan’s age-defying appearance at 51, which sparked questions about genetics, Singapore’s environment, healthcare, and products. Join us as we investigate his daily activities to determine the veracity of these hypotheses.

He has a straightforward breakfast.

Tan is adamant that eating has an effect on health and appearance, attributing 70% of the equation to dietary choices. Six hard-boiled eggs are his first choice for breakfast, with two yolks being removed due to cholesterol concerns. He occasionally adds avocado and berries to a glass of milk for a protein-rich energy boost.

Tan regularly eats fish soup, grilled vegetables, and chicken with rice. Even though he has a sweet tooth, he restricts himself to only eating ice cream in the morning. Tan chooses to drink lots of water to be hydrated rather than intentionally avoiding coffee and tea.

The 57-year-old man puts in roughly 90 minutes of exercise each day.

57-Year-Old Man

Tan incorporates strength training into his routine, aiming for four weekly sessions but settling for no less than three in times of extreme busyness. He spends almost thirty minutes doing this. He follows strength training with aerobic exercise, preferring brisk walking on a treadmill to jogging because of a knee issue. Additionally, he places a high value on swimming and aims to spend around an hour every day at a pool in the evening.

He doesn’t make use of any skincare products.

Tan responds the claims and clarifies his approach, saying: “I have sensitive skin, which is why there are only 2 things I use daily: gel face wash and moisturizing cream.” This is in response to reports about plastic surgery or unusual cosmetics.

Tan made the decision not to seek any additional cosmetic procedures after a terrible encounter with a previous Botox surgery. He does, however, admit using hair colour to cover up his gray hair.

He avoids bathing after midnight.

Tan highlights the value of a consistent sleep schedule, emphasizing “going to bed before 11 PM and rising early. He is adamant that late-night work and movie watching” are detrimental to one’s health. He also abstains from eating for five to six hours before to bedtime to promote sound sleep.

“Trust me, going to bed early is worthwhile,” says Chuando. “You’ll be able to accomplish more during the day than you” would if you worked at night after getting enough rest.

Chuando Tan considers it unfair to refer to him as being “forever young.”

57-Year-Old Man

In a recent interview on longevity, he openly discussed the frequent questions about his youthful appearance. “Eventually gets to me,” he remarked. The pressure is real for me. I know deep down that I’m not that young. I’m becoming older. So I won’t mislead people into thinking I’m young forever. Maybe they’re all looking for a short cut or a method to maintain their youth?

I’d be lying if I said it never occurred to me that I could wish to learn how to avoid aging, says Tan as he focuses on the process of growing older and freely shares his thoughts and feelings. However, since aging is unavoidable, you cannot escape it.

57-Year-Old Man

After being propelled to internet celebrity, Chuando Tan struggled with the negative effects of excessive attention and shared his experience.

Is this 57-year-old man truly deserving of the moniker “forever young”? Post your comments with your ideas.

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