When the new Bad Boy movie with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence comes out, fans of the series will have to look twice.

Marcus Burnett, played by Martin, has been married since the first movie. His family is a big part of his story. The famous actress who played his wife in the first movie won’t be in the second one.

Theresa Randle is known for her work on movies like “Bad Boys,” “Spawn,” and “Malcolm X.” In the new movie Bad Boys 4, Tasha Smith, who is known for being funny, will play the beautiful woman. At first, it wasn’t clear why she wasn’t coming back, but she was recently seen using a walker. Fans used social media to let her know they were worried and to show her love while she was sick.

Hollywood Unlocked says that a representative for the entertainer has not yet made a statement to explain this clip or reply to the claims that the star is on drugs. People were upset that Randle was being filmed, especially since she didn’t know who was doing it. “Now you’re going to record people when they’re drunk. “I’m going to pray that she gets through whatever it is,” someone said.

The movie has already been in production for four weeks, which is great news for fans who were scared that Will Smith’s Oscar slap could kill the series. “We’re pumped up; we’re happy!” Will Smith recently told a group of people at CinemaCon this week. At the moment, there is no set date for the release.

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