Millions of people were shocked when a mother of five showed what her belly looked like when she was pregnant with triplets.

When Michella Meier-Morsi had triplet boys, Charles, Theodore, and Gabriel, 17 months ago, she already had twin girls. But it was her baby bump that left millions of people speechless.

Michella Meier-Morsi (pictured) shared a throwback video of her baby bump from when she was pregnant with her triplet sons shocked millions online

Michella has been sharing videos of her “chaotic” life with twins and triplets online. She also shared a throwback clip of her being pregnant with her sons when they were one and a half years old, which has gotten a whopping 126 million views.

In the weeks before she gave birth, the blogger mom’s belly stuck out “straight out” instead of “up and down.” It also turned purple and bruised.

People watched the happy mom and praised her, but some said her pregnancy looked like a “nightmare” or “supernatural,” and some women joked that her belly made them not want kids.

The mummy blogger already had twin daughters when she gave birth to triplet boys, Charles, Theodore and Gabriel, 17 months ago but it was her bump that rendered millions speechless

“I was just lying in a hospital bed with three tiny boys on tubes a moment ago,” Michella wrote as the video’s description.

The mom, who is from Copenhagen, Denmark, posted pictures of her pregnant belly, then of her holding the boys when they were babies, and now of them as toddlers.

Michella said that her kids have grown up in a “blink” and that the time has gone by “absurdly fast.” This makes her feel “a little sad.”

She said, “Even though I’m with them all the time, I can really tell the difference from day to day.”

‘I love it! I enjoy each and every moment. I also feel a little bit sad. Because it’s going too fast and I miss my babies.’

Even though this isn’t the first time Michella has shown what she looked like while pregnant with the triplets, the video again took the internet by storm as millions of people shared their opinions.

One woman said, “They’re so nice and congrats, but that’s my worst nightmare.”

“Wow, this woman is really strong. “I thought it was hard to be pregnant with one average-sized baby at a time, but good god, this woman is Superwoman,” wrote a second.

A third said, “The human body is really something, and we don’t know everything about it.”

One watcher said that Michella looked like “Wonder Woman,” and another said that her bump was “supernatural.”

“You are great. “I can’t imagine how much stress you were under,” said another mom.

Someone said, “You really are a superhero!”

Before, Michella was honest about the ‘extreme pain’ she was in before giving birth.

In a post she shared three days before giving birth, Michella said she didn’t feel ready to have three more children.

She wrote, “I’m really not ready for three babies.” “I thought, naively, that I would be ready at some point, that I would be happy that the pregnancy is almost over and that we can finally meet our three children.”

“But if the pain wasn’t so bad, the triplets would have to stay in the stomach for another month or three.” Everything “just seems too much.

Michella said that she wanted to” “curl up in a corner and cry because it all seemed so unbelievable.”

“In a video she shared the night before she had her three boys”, she said she was “insanely afraid.”

She said, “It doesn’t seem real that I’m going to have three babies, and I feel like my head can’t take it.” I just can’t picture it or them.

“Instead, it thinks bad things,” she said. “Can I do it? Can they manage?

“But I’m glad I know that tomorrow the only thing that matters to me is how the boys are doing.”

“And on that front, I can throw up my arms, because we did!” We’ve been keeping them for more than 35 weeks. And then there’s not” much else we can do but hope for the best.’

The mom said that having her three boys was the “craziest 36 hours” of her life.

She wrote later, “I’m in horrible pain.” “Right now, I don’t see a way out of that nightmare.”

“Luckily, “it helps when you’re lying down and three cute boys are on your chest. Yes, I’ve already had” “them all up at the same time, and it was a magical experience.’

After welcoming her sons, the mum called the birth the 'wildest 36 hours' of her life but said it was all 'worth it' and her heart was 'bursting with happiness and love' over her new babies

In the end, Michella said it was all “worth it” and that her heart was “bursting with happiness and love” over her three new” kids.

She wrote on Instagram, “My stomach is empty, but my heart and arms have never been so full of love and happiness.”

It can be summed up in one sentence: “The boys are incredible.” They are gentle and super cool, and we’re totally in love with them. We are in the best baby bubble, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

“In another post she shared 10 days after giving birth, Michella talked about her body and said that even though her stomach was “significantly smaller,” she was still very painful.

She said, “It’s already gotten a lot smaller, but it’s still very heavy and very painful.”

“The caesarean section” isn’t a problem unless I “cough, sneeze, or (God forbid”) throw up.

“But my intestines move around in the big hole, which is both unpleasant and painful.”

“My uterus is right next to my skin and is so sensitive that even the lightest touch hurts it.”

“And the stomach has felt like a big black mark for the last few days.” It “hurts to even breathe.’

Michella also said that her doctors had found that” her body “couldn’t get rid of” the blood that had built up in her uterus. This made “the risk of inflammation higher, so she is now going to have a scraping procedure”.

During a scraping process, doctors go into the body and remove any abnormal tissues.

She also talked about how hard it was to raise five kids at once.

She said, “Oh, how I’ve cried and felt broken, tired, overwhelmed, and like giving up in the last few days.”

“It is so hard to have two three-year-olds and three babies born early,” she said. A lot harder than I thought.

“[My daughters] are angry, rude, and very bored.” “My daughters are angry, rude, and very bored.”

“They miss us and must feel a little bit let down.” And that makes perfect sense.

So I have to sit in the middle of two groups of kids with “different needs. I want to go home to my girls and give them love, safety, and a” plan.

“I want to give the boys the best start in life, and I want to give myself the best start in labour and breastfeeding. But I can’t do both at the same time.”

A lot of people praised Michella’s “amazing” strength in the comments part of her posts.

“The human body is amazing. One person wrote, “This is crazy to think about.”

“What an amazing body a woman has!” someone “asked. ‘You’re amazing.’

Someone else said”, “That stomach looks like it’s about to burst!”

“Thank goodness this didn’t happen to me!” Another person wrote. “It hurts just to think about it.

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