Raise $270,000 80-Year-Old Texas High School Janitor Can Retire
Once his rent increased, high school seniors raised $250,000 for their 80-year-old janitor.

GoFundMe started with a $10,000 target but quickly expanded.

“Mr. James,” an 80-year-old retired retiree, was the new janitor at Callisburg High School in Texas.

They started a GoFundMe to help 80-year-old Mr. James do 80-year-old tasks, thinking they could utilize their internet and social media skills to aid.

Senior Marti Yousko said, “It’s crazy to see something that, we knew people would have wanted to help, but we didn’t expect it would blow up.”

Greyson Thurman released a single TikTok video of Mr. James cleaning the halls and a Fundraiser to help him live comfortably.

Thurman thought 2,000 followers were enough to spread the word.

Students donated $10,000 in 12 hours.

Principal Jason Hooper said, “It’s absolutely incredible. You know of the need that was met due of three kind kids, but of all of our students who pitched in to meet that need.”
Local news reported on the fund drive in mid-February when it was still a five-digit number, but it had to be switched off at $270,000 to get Mr. James the money quickly.

Contributions from around the nation and beyond wished the short-term janitor a happy retirement and congratulated the students on their wonderful initiative.

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