The Detroit Free Press says that people in Lansing, Michigan, are sad about the death of a child who was found stabbed to death after a three-day search.

At a press conference on July 5, the FBI’s acting special agent-in-charge, Devin Kowalski, confirmed that the body of 2-year-old Wynter Cole Smith was found on the east side of Detroit by police officers.

“This is not the outcome we were hoping for,” Kowalski said on Wednesday with Detroit Police Chief James White. “We feel bad for Wynter’s family.”

Authorities said that Rashad Trice, who is 26 years old, took Wynter from her mother Symari Cole’s home in Lansing on Monday, July 3. This led to an Amber Alert. Authorities say that her mother had been sexually abused.

In their search for Trice, Lansing cops went through fields and neighborhoods and used drones and helicopters. After the warning was sent out, local police, a number of agencies, and a lot of volunteers were sent to different parts of the state. Law enforcement was able to track him down through his smart phone and figure out where he was going.

Trice drove a stolen car southeast into the suburbs of Detroit. He was caught and taken into jail in St. Claire Shores, Michigan, but Wynter was not with him. He was charged on Wednesday at a hospital near Detroit where he was being treated for injuries he got when he hit a police car.

He was also charged with a number of other crimes, including cutting and attacking Cole, a woman he had dated in the past. He is not the real father of Wynter.

As the community tries to deal with such a sad loss, there have been a lot of condolences, prayers, and calls for justice on social media.

“I am so sad right now. This makes me feel really sick. This person shouldn’t have been out in public at all. Our criminal justice system MUST do better. Shame on all of you. The only thing that makes me feel better is that I know he will get what he deserves behind those bars. We should pray for this poor family. Let’s all help this family out, people of Lansing. I know that we are all very sad. “Rest in peace, sweet baby,” wrote Amanda Heller on Facebook.

The Michigan State Police tweeted, “It is easy to judge all people based on the actions of one bad person.” “I won’t do it, and you shouldn’t either. We are better than what one bad person does. Wynter, may God bless and keep you. We hope for peace for your family. We are heartbroken.”

CBS Detroit says that Trice will have a preliminary test on July 20.

Trice faces life in jail if he is found guilty.

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