Franco Columbu” was a close friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger and worked with him for a long time. His death has left a hole in the world of bodybuilding and beyond.

As soon as the news came out that Columbu had died, Schwarzenegger and many other people showed their deep sadness and paid tribute to the man who had been a trusted training partner and a close friend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger honors late best friend

This piece is meant to honor Franco Columbu’s memory and show how much Arnold Schwarzenegger cared about him.

A Relationship Made of iron
Franco Columbu and Arnold Schwarzenegger had an amazing friendship that started in the world of weightlifting. During their early days of training at the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California, their friendship grew.

Their shared love of the sport and unwavering commitment to pushing their bodies to their limits made them close friends outside of their jobs.

Successes and Working Together
Columbu and Schwarzenegger both had a lot of success in the world of bodybuilding. Columbu was a fiercely skilled athlete who won the Mr. Olympia title in 1976 and 1981. He did this by showing off his huge strength and well-shaped body.

He was also good at powerlifting and strongman events, which added to the idea that he was one of the strongest men of his time.

Columbu and Schwarzenegger both did great things on their own, but they also worked together on many projects. From co-starring in the movie “Pumping Iron” to setting up training programs and supporting fitness, their partnership became known for pushing the limits of physical excellence and inspiring others to do the same.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares A Touching Tribute To Late Franco Columbu, His Best  Friend Of 54 Years | DeMilked

A Moving Memorial
Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a heartfelt farewell to his dear friend Columbu on social media when he heard about his death. Schwarzenegger called Columbu his “best friend” and told the man, who had been a big part of his life for decades, how much he loved and respected him.

In his touching homage, Schwarzenegger talked about the times they spent together in and out of the gym. He talked about Columbu’s contagious energy, his constant support, and the many times they laughed together.

Schwarzenegger also said that Columbu had an effect on his own business and personal growth. He emphasized how much his friendship with Columbu had changed him as a person.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares A Touching Tribute To Late Franco Columbu, His Best  Friend Of 54 Years | DeMilked

A Legacy Remembered
Franco Columbu has had an effect on a lot more than just weightlifting. Many people looked up to him for his courage, strength, and drive, and those who had the chance to know him will never forget how warm and kind he was.

Schwarzenegger’s honor shows that the two men had a strong friendship that went beyond their work. His words show how much the bodybuilding community and the rest of the world miss Columbu, whose spirit and constant support changed many lives.


Franco Columbu’s untimely death “has left a hole in the hearts of those who knew and loved” him. Arnold Schwarzenegger said very well that he and Columbu were more than just training partners; they were brothers on the same trip.

Columbu’s impact as a great athlete, mentor, and friend will continue to inspire people for years to come. May his soul rest in peace, and may his amazing accomplishments to bodybuilding and other fields be remembered forever.

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