KFC Australia will start to wrap up its Christmas in July offers on Monday with $1 Crunch Twisters.

Fans of KFC can get either the $1 Zinger Crunch Twister or the $1 Original Crunch Twister. The Zinger Crunch Twister has Zinger Fillet, corn chips, crunchy slaw, and jalapeno mayo.

But you can only get the deal through the restaurant’s app and only between 3 and 5 p.m.

KFC Australia will start to wrap up its Christmas in July specials on Monday with $1 Crunch Twisters

Fans went crazy when KFC started their Christmas in July deals with a $1 Zinger burger.

KFC has chosen to end the mid-year party with the same deal because it was so popular.

Fans can get a $1 Zinger burger on Tuesday between 3 and 5 p.m.

The company’s store, which has been updated for winter, also has deals for Christmas in July.

$1 Zingers are due back on Tuesday - to finish the 11 days of Christmas (in July) specials

Sally Spriggs, the chief marketing officer at KFC Australia, said, “Christmas in July is all about breaking with tradition and celebrating Christmas your own way.”

“To help with the celebrations, KFC is bringing everything a true love should bring, from 11 days of great deals to a special meal for you to share with whoever you want from your family. After all, ’tis the seasonings!'”

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