3 Teens Pushed A Woman’s Broken Down Car 5 Miles Because She Couldn’t Afford A Tow Truck.
Vehicle issues are the worst. Roadside assistance is expensive without it. Thankfully, good samaritans like these Canadian teens may stop what they’re doing to help. They helped a needy woman and went viral.

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A bunch of Canadian adolescents stopped to rescue a woman whose motor was smoking on the highway. Billy Tarbett, Bailey Campbell, and Aeron McQuillin, three teens, saw the woman about midnight while heading to a fast-food establishment.

Tarbett told CBC News, “We didn’t have anything else to do and we truly wanted to help her. Dan Morrison also asked if she needed help. Afterwards, he posted,

“This unfortunate lady bought this car 6 weeks ago, and it now needs a new engine. She cannot afford a tow or leave the car there. ‘You boys ready for a push? “They couldn’t leave this lady stranded, so these young men pushed a stranger’s car…” “We weren’t really thinking about how far it’d be. “We were jamming out,” Tarbett told CBC News. The guys probably pushed the woman’s car five miles home. “We were always raised to help, no matter what,” Tarbett told the Canadian News. “She helped us workout.”

After hours of pushing, the teens reached the drivers home. McQuillin told CBC News that they didn’t think they’d make it. Morrison’s tweet went viral, flooding the lads with kind responses. Morrison told CNN, They want something uplifting. It’s contagious—experienced everyone’s car trouble.”

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