In the middle to late 2000s, VH1 started a wave of reality TV shows about people trying to find love. From this wave came a group of unforgettable characters, some of whom are still pretty important today. “The Stallionaires,” also known as Real and Chance, are one of the reality stars who got their start on VH1. One of the brothers died, which makes the saying “grief has no time limit” even more true.

To get to know Real and Chance, you have to know where they came from. I Love New York is a reality competition show that started on VH1 at the beginning of 2007. It is a spin-off of their famous show Flavor of Love. Tiffany “New York” Pollard, the star of the show, was always a close second in Flavor Flav’s heart.

But her strange behavior and attitude made her a fan favorite, which led the network to give Pollard her own show. So, in January of that year, the show New York’s Quest to Find the Love of Her Life started showing. Then, the world met Ahmad and Kamal Givens, who were born in South Central Los Angeles and were called “Real” and “Chance” by people in New York.

During the first season of the show, 20 men, including the brothers, tried to win over New York and her mother so they could win her love. Even though neither of them made it to the end, they were both very close to winning. But Real was one of the last contestants to be kicked off the show. Chance was the last person to be kicked off the show, making him the runner-up.

Fans may not have seen Real or Chance win New York’s heart, but they became stars in their own right on I Love New York, much like New York herself. Later, on the 2020 special I Love New York Reunited, it came out that Tiffany Pollard and Chance didn’t make it to the end, but behind the scenes, things got very hot.

She’s even wished she’d picked Chance at the end of season 1 instead of Chance. In line with VH1’s other spin-offs, a new one about The Stallionaires was made. In the fall of 2008, the network started showing the new reality dating show Real Chance of Love. Seventeen women wanted to date either of the brothers on the show.

In the end, Real chose one of the contestants, which was the end of season one. At the same time, Chance decided to stay on his own. But Real’s time with the show’s winner didn’t last long at all. The show came back for a second season with 20 women the following year. At the end of the season’s 12 episodes, both boys chose love this time.

“Ahmad “Real” Givens was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer” in March 2013. This was shocking news for the Stallionaires brothers, who are both reality stars and rappers. A press statement from 2014 says that at first, doctors told Real that he had “one month to live.” But he went through many treatments and surgeries and changed his food, and soon he was making amazing progress in remission. But in January 2015, things got worse all of a sudden.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Real lost his fight on February 21, 2015. He was 33 years old. Chance wrote a heartfelt farewell on social media to his “favorite guy in this whole world” who had died. Several friends also shared their sadness on social media. Ahmad “Real” Givens’s wife, Raquel Givens, who he married in 2010, is the only person he left behind. They had a son together whose name was Madhi.

A few years have passed since Chance’s younger brother died. A little over a year later, Hip Hollywood talked to the reality star and found out that he was still sad about Real’s death. But he also said that he was getting through it with God’s help. Chance told Jackie Christie on The Jackie Christie Project that he had a lot of “anxiety” and that it took him a long time to “heal.” “I didn’t even know where to start,” he told her. “When he died, I died.”

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