A 23-year-old mother said that people make fun of her because of the way she dresses.

Alabama’s Jade Amber shared a post on TikTok with the caption, “When another young mom says, “Why don’t you dress like a mom?”

Jade Amber, 23, from Alabama, shared a post with her 950,000 TikTok followers using the caption: ''When another young mom comments 'Why don't you dress like a mom?'

In the clip, she stood in a pair of short black gym shorts and a cropped pink hoodie that showed off her pierced belly button.

She shared the video with her fans and wrote, “I’m a mom first, but I’ll always be me.” For ever and ever.”

She asked, “B***h, who the f**k?” while crossing her arms and rolling her eyes.

Many of her fans agreed with her, and some even said that the way she dressed made her a better mom.

One person wrote, “Being you makes you a better mom!” when they agreed that she should wear what she wants.

In the clip, she posed in a pair of short black gym shorts and a form fitting cropped pink hoodie which showed off her pierced belly button

“Yes!” wrote a second. “I’ll wear whatever I want.”

Someone else said, ‘You’re 22. What do they think you should wear? Do you always wear leggings and a sweatshirt? How come?’

One person added, “They’re mad because you keep up with yourself.” Do you Queen.’

Others asked what a mother is even supposed to wear. One person asked, “How do you dress like a mom?”

“Lol, what does that even mean?”

“What should a mother wear?” asked another.

One person added, “How are you supposed to dress like a mom, you do you, Queen?”

Another person wrote, “It’s crazy that we’re supposed to lose ourselves when we become moms.”

It comes after a new mom said “she was criticized by a stranger at the gym for letting her” “boobs hang out.”

Kylen Suttner from Ogden, Utah, talked about what happened “when a fellow gym-goer asked her about her workout” clothes and she caught it on tape.

Kylen was criticized by someone she didn’t know for wearing “a light-blue sports bra in a “public place.”

But the 21-year-old has hit back, saying that it won’t stop her from staying fit”.

Kylen had her “son Suede in December 2022. While she was doing chest pushes, a woman came up to her and told her to “put on a shirt.”

The troll asked, “Do you really think you can walk around the gym in that?”

“We are in a public place. Could you be polite?” No one wants to see your breasts sticking out.

Kylen was shocked, but she said, “I’m fine, thank you,” and the woman let her in.

Now, she’s talking back to the woman, saying that the “weird” thing won’t stop her from going to the gym every day for 75 days straight” as part of a challenge.

The mom said, “I was doing chest presses and just sitting there.”

“I don’t know why she picked on me. There were other people in the gym wearing much more revealing clothes.”

“The 21-year-old thought the woman singled her out because she was getting attention from other guys, including the critic’s boyfriend”.

“I don’t know what set her off. Maybe her boyfriend was looking at me or something, and that made her mad. But I was just sitting there when she walked over and told me. “It was weird,’ Kylen said.

“I just stood there like, “Wait, did that just happen?””

Even though it was strange, Kylen said she wasn’t upset by it, but she wished she had stood up for herself”.

She said, “It didn’t really make me sad. I was just mad at myself for not standing up for myself more.”

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