Different people handle stress in different ways. Some people do things that are relaxing, like taking long walks or talking with friends, to change their thoughts and get their minds off of their worries. Others, on the other hand, do things that are bad for them, like overeat.

People often find comfort in their food, but even though it might make them feel better in the short term, it’s bad for their health in the long run.

27-year-old Ashley Bratcher, a wife and mother from Texas, gained a lot of weight because she ate unhealthy food when she wanted to escape the pain she felt after her mother left her and her brothers when they were young.

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“I think my mother could have changed a lot of things if she had been paying attention. Since I was the oldest, I felt like I had to protect my younger brother and sister. So I let it happen to me so it wouldn’t happen to them,” she said.

Ashley was 725 pounds when she finally told herself, “Enough is enough.” She wanted to get out of her situation, so she applied for the TLC show My 600-Lb Life and got in touch with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, who is one of the best weight loss doctors and has helped hundreds of people take control of their eating habits and their lives.

Ashley was first told that if she kept living the way she was, she wouldn’t live past 30. It was the wake-up call she needed to take control of her life and start making changes.

Ashley couldn’t do even the most easy things. Instead, everything was done by her 5-year-old son. “He’s my legs, and he helps me with almost everything. “Without him, I’d be lost,” she said when she first went on the show in 2016.

As much as she did it for herself, she did it for her son, too.

Ashley was put on a low-calorie weight loss program before Dr. Now agreed to let her have gastric bypass surgery. Everyone was shocked when she lost a huge 123 pounds. Her operation went very well. Ashley lost 255 pounds and was finally able to take charge of her life. She told People, “This whole journey has been not only a physical rollercoaster, but also a very big emotional rollercoaster.”

Ashley was on the TV show My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now? in 2018.

She told the audience that she was under 300 pounds and no longer used food as a support. She got her confidence back and was able to do things she hadn’t been able to do before, like go shopping and take long showers.

Ashley posts pictures of herself to Instagram. A lot of people follow her because they admire how hard she works. “Surgery is nothing but a tool. “It doesn’t change how you think about things,” she says.

Ashley’s husband, Jack, is a big help to her. They just marked their 12th wedding anniversary.

We’re thrilled for Ashley. You go, girl!

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