“The Buffalo Bills safety who was 24 years old fell and had a heart attack during Monday night’s game.

The family of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin thanked fans for their “sincere gratitude” and asked for prayers for the 24-year-old, who is still in serious condition after collapsing and going into “cardiac arrest during ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” game.

A statement from the” Hamlin family said, “On behalf of our family, we want to express our sincere gratitude for the love and support shown to Damar during this difficult time.” Jordon Rooney posted the statement, and the NFL also shared it.

“Prayers, kind words, and donations from people all over the country” have touched us deeply.

“Hamlin’s family also thanked the first responders, the” hospital staff “at the University of Cincinnati hospital Center, and the” Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals for their help.

“We really appreciate your kindness and giving.

Please keep Damar in your thoughts, and the family will let you know when they have more information.

In a statement, the Bills said that Hamlin had a heart attack after making a tackle in the first quarter of the game on January 2. Hamlin knocked Bengals receiver Tee Higgins to the ground, stood up, and then fell on his back.

According to the Bills, medical staff were able to get Hamlin’s heart beating again on the field. He was then “taken to the intensive care unit at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he” stayed until January 3.

With 5:58 left in the first quarter, play was stopped with the Bengals up 7-3 over the Bills.

The NFL did something that had never been done before by calling off the game about an hour later. On January 3, the league said that the game would not be played again during week 18.

Eric Wood, who used to play for the Buffalo Bills and was at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati, told TODAY that what happened was “unbelievable.”

“This stadium went from possibly the loudest and most energized stadium I’ve ever been inβ€”there was so much excitement about this gameβ€”to complete silence,” Wood said.

“As soon as Damar walked onto the field, it looked like something was wrong,” he said.

Because of how the participants responded, this situation was a lot worse than normal.

Teams from all over the league, including Hamlin’s own, sent him sympathies and well wishes.

The whole Bills Mafia group is thinking and praying for you, Damar.

The whole Bills Mafia is thinking and praying for you, The Buffalo Bills posted, “Damar,” which is a nickname for one of their fans.

“Please pray for our brother,” tweeted Josh Allen, quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

The Bengals wrote, “Sending our thoughts and prayers to Damar,” along with a praying hands emoji.

Fans also gave money to a toy drive that Hamlin started in 2020 to help poor children get toys during the COVID-19 plague.

Even though the drive has nothing to do with Hamlin’s health problem, people have given over $4,2 million to show their support.
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