Snoop Dogg recently started selling his own brand of ice cream. He thanked Martha Stewart and Master P for their help with his business.

The brand’s name, “Dr. Bombay,” comes from Snoop’s Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT character and his issues with mixing different ice cream brands. During his talk with TMZ, Snoop talked about how Martha Stewart and Master P helped him improve his business skills. He also talked about his new business.

“I have to thank two people for where I am now,” he said. “Master P taught me about business, how to brand market, and how to do everything I’m doing now. But Martha Stewart showed me how to take it to the next level.”

He also said, “She was always telling me about being in different department stores, having the cookbook, growing my business, and doing different things to broaden my portfolio and really bring all of my businesses together. So she taught me how to do what I do better.”

Snoop also said that Master P paid for him to go to college, but he thanked Martha for giving him hands-on training that was unusual for a rapper.

“Master P paid for me to go to college, but I think Martha gave me the real-world experience I needed to do things with her that people thought were too big for a rapper. But once we were together, it was clear that people love people. “I love that my relationship with Martha brings people from all walks of life together,” Snoop said.

Dr. Bombay ice cream is currently sold at Walmart. It comes in seven delicious flavors: Tropical Sherbert Swizzle, Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream, Bonus Track Brownie, Syrupy Waffle Sundaze, S’More Vibes, Iced Out Orange Cream, and Rollin’ in the Dough.

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