This past weekend, a group of children in Argentina found the pieces of lost millionaire Fernando Perez Algaba, who was 41 years old.

Now, there is a murder probe going on.

On Sunday, the kids in Ingeniero Budge, Buenos Aires Province, were playing by a stream. Then, they found the red bag with the body parts inside.

The kids’ parents called the police, who looked into what happened. People say that they found the person’s legs and a wrist inside. In the stream, they also found a whole arm.

Then, on Wednesday, the lost head and body were found.

Reports say that the body parts were cut very carefully, like an expert would do.

At the same time, a later autopsy showed that the victim was shot three times before he was cut up.

Algaba was a business owner who had been missing since last Tuesday. His fingerprints and unique tattoos helped find him.

He was worth $1 million because he rented out fancy cars and sold crypto currency. He promoted these things a lot on Instagram, where he has more than 900,000 fans.

Algaba is said to have rented an apartment and was meant to be moving out. But on July 19, he didn’t give back his keys and wouldn’t answer his phone. He was from Barcelona, Spain, and had been in Argentina for only a week before he was killed.

One person has been caught in connection with Algaba’s death. Authorities say that he may have died because he owed a lot of money. However, no one knows for sure why he died.

The tax office in Argentina owed a lot of money to Algaba. At the same time, his company “Motors Lettuce SRL” started writing bad checks less than a year after it was founded in 2018.

Algaba had also written in his phone that he had lost a lot of money when he invested it in crypto currency.


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