Your Content has heard that “Carlee Russell’s ex-boyfriend, Thomar Latrell Simmons”, is putting on a singles party at a nightclub in the Atlanta area.

When Your Content tried to find out if the flyer going around on social media was real, the club didn’t reply to our requests for comment. But the picture has gone viral, and thousands of people have responded to it on social networks.

Russell made news all over the world when she faked her own kidnapping. Simmons went on Instagram on the day she was arrested to talk about the fake abduction claim that has shocked the whole country.

“Carlee’s acts hurt, confused, and made people not tell the truth. After I defended my ex-girlfriend Carlee Russell, I found out about the false story,” Simmons said before. “My family and I responded with love and real care. We are horrified by how this whole thing turned out. Carlee’s acts caught me off guard, just like they did you all.

“Let’s help Thomar find love, Atlanta. “He is done with Carlee Russell,” wrote Major Payne on Instagram. “Meet him at Revel this coming Thursday.”

Even though it’s not clear if the event happened or not, social media was full of responses.

“Atlanta is so funny,” wrote X user Lee. “The club was run by Carlee Russell’s boyfriend!”

Dennis Byron wrote, “Told you all—Carlee Russell’s ex-boyfriend has no shame and is on his own tour to try to get more power.” “He’s supposedly making plans to perform at clubs,”

Carlee Russell’s ex-boyfriend is making a big splash. This Thursday, Thomar will be in Atlanta hosting at Revel,” Tea with Tia wrote on Twitter. “Carlee should try to get her man back by wearing her good wig, not the one she left on the side of the road.”

Carlee “Russell, a 25-year-old nursing student, went missing” on July 13, which led to a search across the country. The case got news from all over the country, which led to a big “all-hands-on-deck” effort to find her.

Russell was charged with two misdemeanors on July 24 for his part in the planned prank.

As Hoover Police Chief Nicholas C. Derzis said the other day, “we’re going to try to figure out exactly what happened during those 49 hours.” “Anything is on the table right now. We still don’t know where she was or if she had any help during those 49 hours. We don’t know.”

In a surprising turn of events, Russell admitted that she was not kidnapped, as most people thought, according to a statement that Chief Derzis read out loud. Russell said that she had stayed in the Hoover area during her 49-hour missing, even though her first 911 call was about a lost child on the highway.

But information about where she was and if she got any help during this time are still unclear, which is why the police are now looking into this new area.

Her confession, which was given to the community, search workers, and local law enforcement through her lawyer, was a shocking turn of events. The current investigation suggests that her parents may have been involved, which could make this story even more exciting.

As readers of Your Content know, the Hoover Police Department is not ruling out the idea of looking into Carlee Russell’s parents’ possible participation in the case.

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