On Instagram on November 14th, Jennifer Aniston posted a touching tribute to her late father, John Aniston, who passed away that day. Since many of her fans did not know how close she was with him, they were taken aback by the message.

Jennifer was devastated by the news because John had been a significant friend to both she and her mother in their time of grief. She described him as “one of the most beautiful humans I ever knew” in her post, which she wrote to convey her relief that his passing was quick and without suffering.

Jennifer also posted a few photos of herself with John, which undoubtedly made an already emotional impact on her fan base. Many of them wrote messages of sympathy and encouragement, sharing their grief and vowing to stand by her side “through this difficult time”.

“Please know that Jennifer and her family are in our thoughts and prayers” as you go through “this difficult time. We pray that they find comfort in” “remembering the good times they enjoyed with John and” “in knowing that he is no longer in pain and” may rest in peace.

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