Fans say that Bianca Censori, Kanye West’s “wife,” was a “totally different person” before she “married” him. This is because a TikTok video showed how she changed in appearance.

Many before-and-after pictures are used in a TikTok video to show how much she’s changed since their “marriage” earlier this year.

After two days, 133,000 people had watched the movie that jusst_tiktokss sent in.

The collection starts with pictures of Bianca from the present wearing strange things like bikini tops and sheer leggings without shoes. In the last few days, she has worn some beautiful clothes in Italy.

Bianca looks very different now than she did before she married Kanye.

Bianca’s Instagram pictures showed her with long black hair, thicker eyebrows, and less trendy clothes.

She has cut her hair short and has tried both dark and light hair.

In the comments, fans both liked and didn’t like her new style.

One person said, “In the before and after pictures, she looks like a totally different person.”

“She used to look like any other Instagram model, but now she has her own style, which she seems to like,” said someone else.

I think she’s better looking. One person said, “She doesn’t have the worn-out Kardashian look; she has her own style.”

I really like her new look, another one. “She’s better now!” said someone else.

Many people thought Bianca looked like Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

“She looks like Kim, though,” one person wrote.

Another person said, “She looks A LOT like Kim.”

People also said that Bianca was like Doja Cat and Amber Rose, who was Kanye’s ex-girlfriend.

LinkedIn says that Bianca, an Australian, became Head of Architecture at Yeezy in November 2020.

The businesswoman went to Melbourne to study design.

Bianca started Nylon’s Jewelry when she was still in school.

Irene, a friend, started making chokers and bands with Swarovski crystals for them and other friends.

Later, they thought that they could open a store.

After Bianca graduated, she worked for a short time as a design adviser. Then, for three years, she was a student architect.

After getting her master’s in Canberra in 2019, she worked at Yeezy in Los Angeles from 2019 to 2020.

Kanye released Censori Overload, a play on Bianca’s last name, in December 2022 to celebrate his’marriage’

He sang, “And the Bible says I can’t have any more sex until I’m married.”

Starting with “Waking up to a “I can’t do this anymore” text” and “I know it’s because of the headlines/Why she wants to leave.” The song talks about how he broke up with Kim.

In January, they had a small wedding, but it’s not clear if it’s legal.


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