Tory Lanez shot Megan the Stallion, and he was found guilty in July 2020.

After a lengthy hearing that lasted all the way up until Tuesday, “Judge David Herriford of the Los Angeles County Superior Court” handed down a sentence of ten years in prison to Lanez.

The “Say It” artist, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, has been in a LA County jail since last year, when he was found guilty of first-degree assault, gross negligence, and having a hidden, unlicensed gun in a car.

Megan Pete, a hip-hop artist, was shot and hurt by Lanez. He was found guilty of this on December 23, 2022. He was to get his punishment in January. Lanez’s new lawyers and request for a new trial slowed down the sentence process more than once. In May, he tried to get a new hearing, but it was denied.

Lanez’s father, Sonstar Peterson, got angry in court on Monday when he talked about how his son lost his mother when he was 11. He called it a trauma. USA Today said, “I don’t think anyone ever gets over.”

Judge Herriford said on Monday that he had received more than 70 letters of support for Lanez. One of the letters was written by Lanez’s 6-year-old son and the boy’s mother. Writer Meghan Cuniff says that Iggy Azalea asked for a term that would “change her life, not ruin it.”

Cuniff also said that one jailer wrote that Lanez “feels bad about what happened” and has talked “in detail” about what happened and what he could have done to stop it.

The chaplain at Lanez’s jail said that the rapper started a daily prayer in the protective custody area, which has made the other inmates less angry.

DA Even though Megan Thee Stallion wasn’t at the meeting on Monday, Kathy Ta read her statement. Cuniff says that Megan thought about skipping the sentence to protect her mental health.

Megan told Ta, “Since the defendant shot me so badly, I haven’t had a single day of peace.” I’m getting better and coming back slowly but surely, but I’ll never be the same.”

Her letter went on to say, “He lied to anyone who would listen and paid bloggers to spread false case information on social media.” Music vids and songs hurt my reputation and kept him on his mission.

She told the judge that Lanez should get a harsh term because remorse should only be given to those who show it. She wants his punishment to send a strong message about violence against women.

Prosecutors and Lanez’s lawyers talked about the case until Tuesday.

Despite what she thinks, Lanez told Cuniff at the sentence hearing on Tuesday that Meg is still someone she cares deeply about. He called her his friend and talked about how they both lost their mothers.

Prosecutors asked for Lanez to get 13 years in prison, saying that his lack of remorse was “aggravating circumstances.” In a 41-page statement this month, Lanez’s lawyer asked for probation and drug rehab in a residential setting.

They said that the proof that led to him being found guilty was “questionable at best.” Their point is that his lack of regret shouldn’t be taken into account when deciding his term. They also said that if the charges were true, alcoholism and early stress might be to blame.

At the sentence hearing, D.A. Alex Bott said that the crime “was an act of misogyny towards Megan” rather than Tory Lanez’s childhood trauma.

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