After only six months of marriage, a man in Michigan killed his wife.

Investigators say that Alicia Lofton shot herself on August 17, just one day after asking Marcus Lofton for a divorce. When police got to a house near Adams Street and Union Avenue in Grand Rapids, they found Alicia with multiple gunshot wounds on the side of the house. At the scene, she was said to be dead. Since Alicia had a protection order against Marcus since May, he was the first person people thought of when something bad happened.

In February, they got married. But things changed when Marcus became angry. He was arrested for hitting Alicia, and Alicia was told to stay away from him. MLive says that on August 16, she told Marcus she wanted a divorce and planned to sell the house they had bought together. During his interview with the police, he admitted that he had approached Alicia at her house on the day she died, where he says a fight broke out. Marcus said that before the gun went off, he tried to pistol whip Alicia with her own gun. Then she ran into a bathroom and tried to get out a window. Marcus then broke down the door, shot his wife several times, and then ran away from the scene. Since then, he has been charged with murder and a gun crime and is being held without bond.

Even though it seems like the facts are clear in this case, a different idea has been going around social media like wildfire. There have been rumours that Alicia heard that Marcus was having an affair with another guy. He killed her because he thought she would tell everyone about his gay relationship. Even though there have been no public reports of a same-sex relationship, the internet has still pointed to Marcus’s sexuality as a possible reason.

No matter what is happening, the situation is very sad. In this case, her family will hopefully get justice and be able to move on.

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