One of the ideals of society that shouldn’t even exist is the idea of beauty. Every ten years, a new idea becomes popular, and everyone tries to catch up with what’s thought to be the best. Blonde hair and light skin were popular in the 1950s, when Marilyn Monroe was at the top of her game. It almost didn’t matter what kind of body you had; if you met the main requirements, you could jump through a lot of hoops. In the 1960s, people loved women who looked like they were still in high school. In the 1980s, women with toned arms and rounded bodies were all the rage. In the 1990s, women were expected to be very thin and have clear skin.

Since 2000, doctors (of all people) have said that the most beautiful woman must have big breasts, a big bottom, a flat stomach, a thin waist, a gap between her thighs, and perfect skin. When you think of Jennifer Lopez, BeyoncΓ©, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner, it doesn’t seem to matter how they got their beautiful bodies.

Even though big butts and boobs are the latest trend, fashion companies and modeling agencies have stuck to the standards of the 90s and still want women who are very skinny, tall, and have well-defined face features. Think of Olga Sherer, Kim Noorda, and Kaia Gerber. So many women have put themselves through some of the worst kinds of pain to get to this ultra-thin body size, but luckily, strong calls are being made for a review of these standards.

Big breasts, a skinny waist, and big hips. Even though the ideas are similar, science has a clearer picture of what the perfect woman should look like.

Researchers at the University of Texas say that the body of a truly beautiful woman fits the standards of the 2000s. The perfect woman is 1.68 meters tall and has a 99 cm bust, 63 cm waist, and 91 cm hips. That’s also 5’5″ tall, with a 38.9-inch bust, a 24.8-inch waist, and 35.8-inch hips.

Do you have someone in mind who has these numbers right now? Think about Kelly Brooks.

Kelly Ann Parsons is an English model, actress, and media figure who goes by the name Kelly Brooks on the job. Kelly is exactly what the experts said she was, and she has made huge waves in the fashion and modeling industries. The 40-year-old is known as a style icon all over the world. In 2005, FHM named her the sexiest woman living, and she has been modeling since she was 16 years old.

Kelly’s job as a model wasn’t always a smooth ride. She was sometimes turned down by agencies because they thought she was “too fat.” They always looked for the thinnest women they could find, and Kelly didn’t fit the bill.

Kelly is the poster girl for perfection, according to science, and she still has a successful job thanks to ads she does for big companies.

What makes the 99-63-91 model so unique?

Several old and new studies have shown that most men are more drawn to women with more curves.

This is because men unconsciously associate young curves with being able to have children. The ability to have children is a big part of what makes someone beautiful. Because of this, the most attractive women are those who look like they would be good mothers. The phrase “childbearing hips” comes from this.

The 99-63-91 body, which is 1.68m tall, has these so-called “young and fertile” features. In truth, a woman’s level of fertility is determined by a number of things, and her body type only plays a small role. No matter what size a woman is, she could have problems getting pregnant. However, fat has been linked to infertility, miscarriages, and problems during pregnancy in women.

The experts might be on to something, but beauty will always be very subjective and based on what each person thinks is beautiful.

Find out the truth about the best body type for models.

Jennifer Lee, a fashion expert who worked with Chanel’s top designer, the late Karl Lagerfeld, says that models are picked only based on the clothes they will show off.

The modeling and fashion business doesn’t really care about beauty standards. Most of the time, thin women are chosen because they are less likely to draw attention away from the clothes.

Ms. Lee says that people would be more interested in the women’s bodies than the clothes and accessories if larger women were used to show them off.

In conclusion, everyone is beautiful, and we should all try to be people who don’t adapt to unrealistic beauty standards made by people. Think about how different the world would be if everyone had the same body type, skin color, hair color, and even facial traits. It would be a very dull place with no interesting things to do. This means that everyone’s type is important, and women can hold their heads high and love themselves to pieces because we are all beautiful in our own way.



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