Tyrese and his girlfriend Zelie Timothy have had some public problems in their relationship, but it looks like they’re back on cloud nine.

The star from “2 Fast 2 Furious” gave his longtime girlfriend a new car for her 28th birthday as a surprise. In an Instagram video, Gibson showed off his all-white Range Rover Defender with two pups, rose petals, and a big bow on top.


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“Happy birthday, I love you so much,” it said in a long message. “As I scream “Happy Birthday!” at you, I realize that the phrase doesn’t mean the same thing to me as it does to most people. You and I met at one of the most fragile and uncertain times of our lives….”

Gibson said, “Both of us just got out of five-year relationships with live-in partners with whom we shared our lives… Both of them were raising girls, and they were out here trying to figure out who and what to connect to. While some people talked about Band-Aids, love rebounding, and everything else that can’t be said, we were laughing because no one was more uncertain about us than us!

“Every 24 hours that we still smile and laugh, sometimes fight and argue and disagree, then find ourselves laughing and loving all over again, and my heart of hearts,” he wrote. “I know we’re both so lucky to have found each other, and we just ask God to cover each day and whatever journey he has in mind for us…”

Gibson then said that their three-year anniversary will be on March 1, 2024, and called Timothy “one of the most beautiful and patient souls that God has ever connected me to.”

The R&B singer went on to say that they were “2 very broken people” who chose to love each other until they changed. In his last sentence, the 44-year-old said that Timothy “refused” to let him record her reaction because she was “dead asleep” and wouldn’t let him post her without her “looking her sexy best.”

Gibson’s expensive gift was then talked about on The Neighborhood Talk, where online commenters brought up his online plea about his “excessive” child support payments.

“But didn’t he just say that he needed child support?”

“It’s crazy that you were crying in court and now you’re buying a new Range Rover.”

“Didn’t he just complain that he didn’t have enough money to pay his child support? Now he has enough money to buy a gift for his girlfriend. “An ordinary Black man.”

“Wow, this is the same man who was crying.

In April, the singer of “Sweet Lady” went on a long rant about how much child support he was supposed to pay to “his ex-wife, Samantha Lee.

They were married for five years and have a daughter, Soraya”, who is four years old.

During his rant, Gibson said that a “Fulton County judge had told him to pay more than $230,000 in back child support and $399,000 in legal fees that” Lee had racked up during their two-year divorce fight.


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