If you watch NBC’s The Today Show, you may have noticed an anchor’s absence. Al Roker’s whereabouts were revealed this morning.
On November 4, 2022, Roker left The Today Show. After Monday, he disappeared. Roker and the show did not explain his disappearance.

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Even while he’s off air, the rocker’s Instagram followers have seen him post. On the 5th and Veterans Day, he posted moon photos. He tweeted again on the 14th, a day after sharing a Dylan Dreier and himself discussing climate change.

Rocker does not explain why he quit The Today Show in his Instagram images, but concerned fans are asking about his health in the comments. “Well Al, everyone seems to be worried about you,” someone said. I hope you’ll be on next week. Happy weekend! ”

Another wrote: “I miss you. You’re where? ”

Al, what’s up? Hoda reported your illness.

One devoted fan asked, “Where are you Al? Tell us. Pleeeez!!! ”

Today, Rocker admirers finally learned where he’s gone. He said he’s been off The Today Show for two weeks. He captioned an Instagram photo of flowers and coffee “NBC News Weather.”
“Last week I was hospitalised with a blood clot in my leg that sent many clots into my lungs,” the artist wrote. Following multiple medical setbacks, I am lucky to be receiving excellent care and recovering. The rocker thanked fans “for all the warm thoughts and prayers.”

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Once Rocker revealed his hospitalisation on Instagram, the Today show covered it. They wished him luck and said they had contacted him throughout his absence.

Savannah Guthrie stated, “We all talked to him.”

Dreyer demonstrated his success. She replied, “Not that we need to tell you how fantastic Al is, when I first contacted him he immediately said, ‘Hey Dilly-Dill! The boys? “Al’s classic.”

Carson Daly responded, “We need it. He inspires me daily.”
Guthrie wrote: “I don’t know whether you watch this show but we love you Al. Miss you! ”

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