Cicely Tyson” “died at the age of 96”. She was a well-known actor. She was an actress for almost 70 years, and she became well-known for playing strong Black women.

The Associated Press says that Tyson’s family told her boss Larry Thompson that she had died suddenly, but they didn’t give him any more information at the time.

We are very sorry to have to tell you that Miss Cicely Tyson died this afternoon. In his statement, Thompson asked that his family be given “some space” for now.

Tyson’s work in the fashion world began in New York City. Magazines like Vogue, Jet, and Harper’s Bazaar wrote about her.

She started out as an actress in small parts, but in the early 1970s, when roles that were once only for white women were made available to women of colour, she became a big star.

In the 1974 TV show The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, Tyson played a former slave who was 110 years old. For this role, she was nominated for an Oscar and won two Emmys.

“The Help, Fried Green Tomatoes, Madea’s Family Reunion, and A Fall From Grace” are some of the pictures that younger people have seen Cicely Tyson in.

She also did shows on Broadway. The work she did in “The Trip to Bountiful” won her the 2013 “Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play”. She was “the oldest person to win the Tony Award for Best Actress, which she did.

In” the 1960s, when she was just starting out as an actor, she was in the off-Broadway show “The Blacks” with Maya Angelou, James Earl Jones, and Louis Gossett Jr.

He gave her the Presidential Medal of Freedom while he was in office. “Cicely made a conscious decision to speak out” instead of just reciting words, he said. Cicely’s ideas and grace have helped us figure out what each beautiful member of the American family is worth. She is also beautiful.

Just As I Am is the title of Tyson’s book, which came out this week. This month, she turned 96.

I pray for her to get some rest.


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