This week, an experienced UPS driver died after getting sick while delivering goods in North Texas during a very hot spell.

The shipping company said in a statement, “We are saddened by the loss of our driver Christopher Begley and send our condolences to his family and friends.” “We are helping the police as they continue to look into what happened to the person who died. We teach our people how to spot the signs of heat stress, and if someone asks for help, we act right away.”

The statement said that Begley felt sick while making deliveries in the Farmersville area on August 23, the same day he passed out in front of a customer’s house on Wednesday. On that day, the hottest it got was 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to their official communication, the 57-year-old was taken care of at the scene after they heard about his situation. They made sure he could get water and had a cool, comfortable place to sleep. The statement also says that he reportedly turned down medical help more than once and asked to be driven back home.

UPS found out later that Begley had been taken to the hospital on Sunday and died on Monday. This was after he asked for a few days off. Begley was a “father of two and a loving husband,” according to a message on his GoFundMe page, which also said that he wanted to retire. In the message, it was also said that he had started working for UPS in 1995.

UPS said, “We are helping the police as they continue to look into what caused the death.” “We teach our people how to recognise the signs of heat stress, and if they ask for help, we help them right away.”

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