Angela and Ben Ihegboro were a Nigerian pair who used to live in London. They already had two kids when their daughter was born, and they had no idea that her birth would make millions of people fall in love with her and make doctors scratch their heads.

The first time Angela and Ben saw their daughter, they couldn’t stop staring at her golden hair and blue eyes.

At first, the fact that they were black and their child was white surprised them. But soon, they started calling the child their “miracle baby.”Some people thought Ben wasn’t the girl’s father, but Ben knows for sure that he is. Little Nmachi, as they named their girl, wouldn’t be that white and distinct from the rest of the family even if the father were a different person, which of course isn’t the case here.

Doctors and other people in the medical field were shocked. They say that Nmachi’s pale face is still hard to explain.

They have come up with a few possible reasons, though. One of them is that if Nmachi has kids when she’s older, they will probably look just like her. This is because she has a genetic defect that makes her look the way she does. The second possibility is that her parents’ relatives had white genes that had been sleeping for a long time. The third thing could be a modified form of albinism, even though Nmachi doesn’t look at all like an albino child.
In any case, she doesn’t look like a child who is white. Not like the ones I’ve read about or seen in Nigeria. Her father Ben says, “She just looks like a healthy white baby.”

So far, Nmachi, who was born in 2010, is doing very well. She only brought happiness and joy to her parents’ lives.Please share this with your friends and family on Facebook.

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