In the last few years, the musician has been having major health problems.

Ozzy Osbourne, who sings with the band Black Sabbath, has had some health problems in recent years. Since his quad-bike accident in 2003, the popular musician has had nothing but bad luck. In 2019, he had another fall that put his life in danger when he fell in his bathroom and knocked out some metal screws in his back.

“I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, lost my balance, and fell flat on my face,” Ozzy said.

“When I fell to the ground, I saw a big white flash and thought to myself, ‘You’ve done it!’

“I knew it was bad, and I thought I was paralyzed. I told Sharon softly, ‘Sharon, I can’t move.’ My neck looks like it’s broken. “To get an ambulance, call 9-1-1.”

Recently, his wife Sharon Osbourne said that the musician is about to have another surgery that will likely “determine the rest of his life,” but she didn’t give any details.

When Ozzy used drugs regularly, he had to have surgery, and the doctor had to give him four times the standard amount of anesthetic. The doctor reportedly was shocked and asked the singer why he wasn’t sleeping. In an interview with Sirius XM, Ozzy talked about the anesthesia episode. He said, “I had a plan while I was doing all this s***.” Then, to put him to sleep for the operation, the doctor gave him what are called “two full syringes.”

Ozzy gave up his bad habits a few years ago, but he still had a few slip-ups.

He recently said that he got $600 worth of marijuana at a legal shop in California. He didn’t use it in the end, but it was close.

“When I got it, I thought, “Why the hell did I buy that?” How much is it? I just got Covid, so I don’t need to smoke any more. I had one of those ideas that went something like, “That would be good.” I never smoked one, though.”

When asked what helped him stay away from drugs, the artist said that being honest with himself and having the full support of his family were key.

We hope that Ozzy Osbourne will be able to get through everything that is stopping him from performing and making songs again.

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