The 43-year-old was let out of jail on Tuesday after serving 12 years for having a gun and trying to get someone to lie.

B.G. was given 14 years in federal jail in 2012 because guns were found in his car during a traffic stop in eastern New Orleans. He was also accused and charged with trying to change or scare away witnesses, which made his term longer.

Birdman, who started Cash Money, posted a video Tuesday on Instagram in which he welcomed B.G. home.

Also on Tuesday, Bun B went on Instagram and posted a picture of a FaceTime call with Birdman and B.G. on the other end.

“The call we’ve been waiting for!” the founder of UGK wrote. “@birdman called me to show me that @new_bghollyhood is free! This made me feel happy! God is awesome! “Hot Boys will get back together soon!”

The news comes a few days after B.G. celebrated his birthday on Instagram.

“After 12 winters and 13 summers, I see the end zone,” he wrote about his upcoming release from jail. “Today is my last birthday while I’m still living. This year, I’m enjoying the whole Virgo cycle. In fact, from now on, I’m going to live and party like every day is #MyBirthday.

B.G. said, “The most important thing is to stay focused. I won’t let anyone take away my work, wealth, happiness, and peace of mind. Then, my dreams got bigger, and I could see better. I had more than enough time to change my careless ways after 13 years.

He did well. He might be able to change his life now.

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