During a normal day, I find myself in a number of situations that make me wonder, “What would Cookie Lyon do?” After all, Taraji P. Henson’s character on Empire is the boss to end all bosses, and I have no question that she would know how to solve any problem that life throws at me. And if we’re being honest, Tyler Perry would feel the same way: When I want to swan dive away from my worries, I should talk to the well-known writer, director, and producer. He knows a thing or two about drama and would be able to help me put things in perspective.

When you put Henson and Perry together, you get the best life teacher team possible. Sincerity makes me say that these two, with their combined brains and fierceness, can find a way out of any problem. They showed this earlier this month when they gave life advice to people they didn’t know on Twitter for a Glamour-made original film. Yup.

The two talked about everything from their relationships to their favourite foods to how they would spend their last day on earth. Even though this may sound sad, believe me when I say that Perry’s answer to the topic and some of the other things he and Henson say are actually pretty positive. Who knew that these two knew so much about how many nuts and how many raisins should be in a trail mix? (Spoiler alert: Perry says you should throw away your blend if it has more than 50% raisins. I agree, to tell you the truth.)

In the movie you can see above, Henson and Perry show how good they are at giving advice. It’s hard to figure out where their chat programme is.

The new Tyler Perry and Taraji P. Henson movie, Acrimony, is now showing in theatres all over the country. The story of the movie is about a woman who wants to get back at her husband after she finds out that he has been cheating on her.

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