This artist takes a broken down tree and fashions it into the shape of a hand reaching out to the heavens.
With his gigantic sculpture of a hand growing out of a tree stump, artist Simon O’Rourke challenges the conventional understanding of what it means to refer to a tree as a palm.

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The sculpture, which is known as Vyrnwy’s Great Hand and is fifty feet tall, will rotate in front of your very eyes. The primary pillar of the sculpture is a tree; however, as you look up, the tree sheds its bark and turns into the skin of an arm, culminating in the creases of a palm and fingers. Because of this shift, it seems as if a gigantic creature is attempting to scratch his way up to the surface of the planet.

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O’Rourke stated that he was excited by the opportunity to carve the gigantic palm tree and make it a local monument. Stages Along the Road O’Rourke stated that he was thrilled by the opportunity to carve the enormous palm tree. In addition to this, he describes the preliminary investigations that served as the impetus for the method. When he finally found the grove of trees, which were known in the area as “the Giants of Vyrnwy,” he was motivated to carve a massive hand into one of them as a testament to the giants and the tree’s fruitless attempt to reach the heavens.

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To produce anything as impressive as this requires commitment, laborious effort, and a certain level of ability. According to O’Rourke, the terrain was so difficult that he had to use a scaffold in order to make it safe for him to work on, and the process of creating the scaffold took two days. The subsequent six days of back-breaking labour were marked by heavy reliance on chainsaws and grinders throughout their duration. He intended to add two thumb parts and one little finger piece to the tree in order to compensate for the fact that it was not quite wide enough.

To complete the sculpture, O’Rourke coated it in tung oil, a natural oil derived from plants that does not harm the surrounding ecosystem in any way.
Not solely due to the fact that the end result was a beautiful piece of art, O’Rourke found the process to be educational in and of itself. When he was working on the sculpture, he came to the conclusion that humans are very minor when compared to other species that live on Earth. He summed it up by saying, “All in all, a very humiliating experience!”

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