Hospice-bound Vietnam soldier says goodbye to beloved dog
Marine John Vincent served honourably in Vietnam. John retired to New Mexico from Montana and received Patch, a Yorkshire terrier, from a neighbour whose dogs produced puppies.

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I wanted the smallest one to ride my motorcycle. Only my chin had a patch of hair. “He had a small white patch, so we were the patch brothers,” John added.

John died in hospice as his condition deteriorated. John had to leave Patch, his five-year-old best friend, with Albuquerque Animal Welfare. John had one last request: to see his dearest friend. Luckily, the animal welfare agency brought Patch to Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center’s hospice centre.

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Albuquerque Animal Welfare posted the tearful scene on Facebook. John Vincent and Patch celebrated yesterday. Vincent entered the Raymond G. Murphy Veterans Affairs Medical Center Hospice Center this week. Patch, his beloved dog, was given to us since he had no family in New Mexico.

Palliative care social worker Amy Neal stated, “John Vincent may not have much time left.” He had one wish.

Vincent wanted his dog one final time. Yesterday was their final reunion. Our AWD Director Danny Nevarez, Joel Craig, Desiree Cawley, and Celina Chavez-Fennell accompanied Patch to the Hospice Center for the reunion. It was heartwarming! They were thrilled to see and say goodbye. Fulfilling this veteran’s ultimate wish was an honour.

Patch is back at our Westside Animal Shelter seeking adoption. Patch’s interested adopter.

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