“Family is the ultimate treasure,” expressed the renowned ‘Today’ show weather expert about his beloved wife.

Saturday was a day of reflection and celebration for Al Roker and Deborah Roberts as they commemorated 28 glorious years of wedded bliss. Both took to social media, showcasing heartwarming moments that have graced their journey together.

Al Roker’s Instagram was adorned with a series of images, starting with the treasured moments of their wedding day. The photos featured Roker looking dapper in his wedding tux, Roberts radiantly glowing in her wedding attire, and heartwarming instances like the bride offering the groom a slice of their wedding cake. A special picture depicted the pair, eyes locked in joy, hands intertwined.


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Not limiting the reminiscence to their initial years, Roker’s collection also brought to light cherished memories of their children’s younger days, a memorable visit to the White House with the Obamas, and an endearing family picture, with their canine companion Pepper, during the festive season.

The couple’s journey began in 1990 when their paths crossed at NBC. They have since been blessed with two children, Leila and Nicholas. Roker’s family also includes Courtney, his daughter from a prior relationship.

Roker’s anniversary tribute to his wife was poignant. He expressed, “28 years ago, @deborahrobertsabc made a commitment through thick and thin, joys and sorrows. Yet, the most profound blessing is the family we’ve built together. Here’s to us, my love.”

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On her end, Roberts shared a montage of their relationship’s memorable instances on Instagram, which featured a playful photograph with a cake shaped like The New York Times front page.

Marking the milestone, she penned, “28 magical years filled with emotions, hopes, and dreams. It’s been a splendid journey. This past year, in particular, has taught us the essence of cherishing every second. Forever and always, I’m by your side. Here’s to creating more memories, @alroker.”

Katie Couric, the former host of the Today show, commented, “Such an adorable duo!” to which Roberts responded with affectionate emojis.

Earlier, during an interview, Roker confided in PEOPLE about how Roberts had been his anchor, especially during a challenging health episode.

He reflected on a particularly tough phase when he was hospitalized due to blood clots. “She’s been my rock. Without her support, I wouldn’t be standing here today,” he affirmed.

In an exclusive interview for PEOPLE’s 2021 Love Issue, Roberts shed light on Roker’s innate romantic side. She shared instances of finding surprise love notes, be it beside their morning coffee or sneakily placed in her luggage during her travels. Roberts expressed her joy in discovering these notes, saying, “Such gestures remind me of the romantic soul he is.”

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