Sanaa Lathan, the actress who played memorable “characters like Monica Wright in “Love & Basketball,” Sidney “Syd” Shawin in “Brown Sugar,” and Zora Banks in” “Disappearing Acts,” among others, has reached the age of 50, but it seems like it’s just a number to her. In fact, she looks as young as she did when she played a high school basketball star who went on to play professionally.

“In 2018, Lathan cut off her hair for the part of Violet in the Netflix” movie “Nappily Ever After.” This big change not only gave her a new look and made her look even younger, but it also showed how brave she was about her work. Since then, her hair has gotten thicker and stronger than it ever was before. “And every now and then, the beloved actress sends us a sun-kissed selfie on social media”, showing that age is just a concept in her world.

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