Hundreds Applaud Retired Teacher’s Parent Letter
A retired teacher wrote to parents bluntly. Several praise it, saying the final statement is spot-on. Do you agree?

Retired teacher Lisa Roberson’s letter about public school classrooms garnered headlines. Of course, many individuals have opinions about public schools, childcare, and education, but this teacher’s years of expertise created waves.
This former teacher wrote a letter to her local newspaper, which carried her opinion on why American students seem to be lagging behind. Lisa, the former teacher, boldly stated what she believes is the underlying cause of failing kids.

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Look at parents and students in “failed” schools. Parent nights? Talk to instructors often? Do they provide materials for their kids? Do they supervise homework? Lisa Roberson asked rhetorically.
Does their phone work? Take notes in class? They study? Do students listen or disturb class? Lisa said, “When you look at these elements, you will realise that it is not schools that are failing but the parents. Teachers cannot work and parent. Nothing will improve until parents take charge! ”

Truth hurts, thus these comments may hurt some more than others. Lisa Roberson is right—to a point. Teachers can’t guarantee student success. Parenting is extremely crucial. Certain things must be taught at home before a teacher reinforces them. First, the school does not teach manners, respect, or responsibility.

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Before school, parents should teach those fundamentals. Teachers teach reading, writing, and math. That’s impossible if the child doesn’t behave. That may be hard to hear, but if a child is failing, parents should first check their own performance before blaming others. Parents teach children first.
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