It was Michelle Thomas’s most famous TV part, as Steve Urkel’s girlfriend Myra on the hit sitcom “Family Matters” in the 1990s. She was also famous for being Theo’s girlfriend on “The Cosby Show.” Michelle’s life was cut short when she became sick with stomach cancer and died at the young age of 30.

“Michelle Thomas was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on September 23, 1968”. She started acting in 1988 when she was in an episode of “The Cosby Show.” Following that, she was in more well-known TV shows like “Martin,” “The Young and the Restless,” and “A Different World.”

Michelle got her big break when she was cast as Myra on “Family Matters” in 1993. Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White, was in love with her character. Michelle did a great job playing Myra, and she quickly became a fan favorite.

Michelle was told she had stomach cancer in 1997, which was very sad. She kept working while she was getting treatment, and she even appeared in a few episodes of “Family Matters” while she was sick. Her health got worse, though, and she died on December 22, 1998.

Fans of Michelle and people in the show business were shocked when she died. Coworkers, like Jaleel White, remembered how talented and kind she was. During an interview, White cried as he talked about her.

Michelle also worked as an actress, but she was very close to her son and kept him out of the public eye. She also fell in love and was happy. She married her boyfriend and had two children with him.

Michelle Thomas will always be remembered for her work in the entertainment business and the memories she made for those who knew and loved her. People will always remember her skills and kindness.

‘Family Matters’: What killed Myra

Michelle Thomas, who played Myra Monkhouse on the hit TV show “Family Matters,” died on December 22, 1998, when she was 30 years old. She died of stomach cancer. Thomas had been sick with the illness for a while before she died. Many show fans and people who worked with her in the entertainment business were shocked by her death. While she was alive, Thomas was a talented actress who was in many movies and TV shows. She will be remembered for her work in the entertainment business.

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