Many people already thought what the autopsy report said about Jacklyn “Jacky Oh” Smith’s death months after it happened.

The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner wrote in its report that the well-known figure died because of problems that came up after having plastic surgery. Smith went to Miami with her aunt in May to have surgery by Dr. Zachary Okhah. Smith told her friends in an Instagram post that she was going to get a “mommy makeover.” The post has since been deleted. The medical examiner’s report said she had a Brazilian Butt Lift, which involved moving fat from her stomach to her butt. Sources told TMZ that Smith was given the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin, the painkiller Oxycodone, and the anti-nausea drug Ondansetron after surgery.


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During her post-surgery visit, she soon complained of a headache, and the surgeon’s office told her to stop taking Ondansetron. During that meeting, she also got a massage. Things changed, and on May 31, Smith said her head felt like it was “burning” and she had trouble speaking. The aunt of hers called 911. When they got there, Smith was already badly hurt and had been declared dead at a nearby hospital.

Smith’s brain was also swollen, and there was a lot of bleeding around her body. No one knows what might have gone wrong with Smith after the surgery. The way the person died was called an accident.

Dr. Okhah didn’t say anything about Smith’s death, but he did make a video comment after getting negative feedback on social media. He insisted that everyone could feel safe in his building.

DC Youngfly and Smith have three kids together. He hasn’t said anything about what the autopsy report says yet.

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