Hugh Jackman’s 55th birthday was marked with Deborra-Lee Furness, his ex-wife.

With a drink in his hand, the X-Men star posted an unplanned picture of himself on Instagram on Friday, October 13. He was “at Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar in New York City”.

Fans could see his chest through a smart white shirt that had a few buttons undone at the top. He wore bold frames that were tucked into the hole. His hair was pulled back, and his beard stayed long and rough. Jackman was the only man who could pull off that look.


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“Thank you all for the good wishes!!! It makes me feel everything in the world to read your words and watch your special videos, he wrote in the caption.

A lot of fans asked in the comments to wish the star a happy birthday.

“Happily birthday!” “Many blessings to you today and always,” one person wrote.

“Hey, our birthdays are the same!” I hope that the coming year is full of great hiking trips! “Happy trails, Hugh!” said someone else, and “Such a beautiful person!” said a third. It’s all in the eyes. “I hope you had a great evening.”

The actor was then seen having what looked like delicious ice cream in a teacup with the words “Happy Birthday Hugh Jackman” written around the edge of the plate. The star then shared another picture of the scene on his Instagram Stories.

It was later confirmed to PEOPLE by a source that the party with his close family and friends was a “great celebration” after the pictures were made public. His ex-wife was also there.

This news comes just a few weeks after it was said that Jackman and Furness are splitting up.

In a statement to PEOPLE, they revealed the news and said they were no longer together.

The fact that we have been married for almost 30 years and love each other so much is a blessing. Our path is changing now, so we’ve chosen to go our separate ways to grow as individuals.

“Our family has always been and will always be our first concern. “We start this new chapter with thanks, love, and kindness,” they” said. “We greatly appreciate your understanding in respecting our privacy as our family navigates this transition in all of our lives.”

Oscar, 23, and Ava, 18, are their two children. They had been married for 27 years.


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