La La Anthony says it’s hard for her” to find a good guy to settle down with because all the men who want to date her are 22 years old.

The 41-year-old single mother split up with NBA star Carmelo Anthony in July 2021 after learning that he had a daughter with another woman while they were not married.

This past Wednesday, La La talked about her personal life on the Spotify show “Call Her Daddy.” As La La put it, she checks her direct messages (DMs) for messages from guys but only finds ones from people who are 22 years old.

“This is how it works. This is what I’m finding; I don’t get it… Alex Cooper, the host of the show, asked her, “When you get older, only younger guys want to date you.” She didn’t mean that she thought older women wanted to date younger men.

“That’s crazy.” When guys direct message me and want to go on a date, I Google them and tell them, “You’re 22 years old.” How, you know?”Younger guys make her feel “so confident,” “but she doesn’t know what age” is “cut off” for an older woman like her.

“I don’t understand this, the guys get younger as you get older, it’s crazy,” she said.

“People think I’m out there, like, you can have any guy you want,” she said. “But the guys who are trying to talk to me are 21 to 22 years old.”

Alex asked La La if she was dating anyone, and she said, “Not really.”

La La did say that the attention from young guys makes her feel good. Her words were, “it’s a good feeling” when younger guys sent her direct messages.

“Look, I no longer know anything about relationships.” “Even to myself, I’m done giving relationship advice,” she said. “I’m not sure.” “All I know is that I’m going with the flow,” she said. “For example, I’m not dating anyone or making plans with anyone right now, but if someone wants to take me out, I’m not going to say no. I’m trying to be more open about it, and whatever happens, happens.”




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