Morgan and Megan first became well-known when their mum put a picture of them on Instagram in 2015. While they were still only four years old, the twins quickly became well-known on the internet for having beautiful eyes. Both twins have beautiful blue eyes. One has one blue eye and one dark brown eye.

Megan and Morgan, two little girls, became stars overnight after a picture of them on the internet went viral. They were called to many fashion shows and other events.

There were two babies born in Philadelphia in June 2011. They are eleven years old now.
Stephanie Boyd and Lovell Knight have twins who are called the TrueBlue Twins.

On June 6, 2011, Stephanie Boyd had twin girls. Right away, everyone could tell they were different. The fact that they were black twins with blue eyes made them stand out. This doesn’t happen very often with black people. Before they became famous on the internet, the girls were well-known in their area. When they were born, their mom and family called them “Trueblue Twins,” which means “blue eyes.” A news source also said that whenever their parents saw a friend, that friend would want to take a picture with them.

Stephanie, the mom, is a plus-size model and well-known on social media. Over 818K people follow the Instagram account she runs for her kids.

Over 61,000 people have subscribed to Megan and Morgan’s YouTube page and can’t wait to watch their movies.
Stephanie, the kids’ mum, liked to write about her daily life on the Internet, according to Yen News. After Megan and Morgan were born in 2011, Stephanie started sharing cute pictures and videos of them online.

In 2015, a musician and tattoo artist from Camden shared a picture of the twins on social media, and it quickly went popular. And so did their Instagram posts, which friends and family often shared.

“One picture of the twins got over 2,000 likes in just one day.” Soon after taking over Instagram, they moved on to Facebook. This made more people like them online, and some well-known people even started writing about them.

Because Stephanie Boyd shared other people’s work on her social media account, her post got more than six million hits. Because of this, well-known people like Ray Ray, members of the band Mindless Behaviour, Yandy Smith, and Wendy Williams shared photos and videos on their own pages.

If you have Heterochromia Iridis, the iris of one eye is a different colour than the other. This is what takes place with the TrueBlue Twins.

They are now well-known on social media and work with big brands as fashion models and social media stars. Stephanie, their mom, likes to share their work online and make money from it. But Lovell Knight, their dad, wants his kids to have a normal childhood like all other kids.

While we’re out as a family, I don’t always like how people stare at my little girls. People would come up to them and take pictures with them. After that, they would go shoot with brands at fashion shows and other events. It was his wish that their lives would be better.

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