Since Captain America: The First Avenger, Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes has been a fan favorite. The 2011 movie was the start of his movie career, and Thunderbolts will be the next one. Fans want to see Stan as the Winter Soldier again, but new theories say he might not show up ever again.

Sebastian Stan could leave the MCU after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.
In stages 5 and 6, Marvel Studios will be busy. Anthony Mackie plays the lead role in both Thunderbolts and Captain America: The Fourth. Because fans are so excited, there are a lot of fan ideas about the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and TV shows.

Thunderbolts from Marvel
The company may kill Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier in Thunderbolts. Cosmic Book says that a number of Twitter users think that The Sentry will play a key role in how the movie ends.

The Sentry could be played by Steven Yeun in Thunderbolts. As per lore, The Void, who is The Sentry’s evil partner, kills the Winter Soldier. There has been no official word about his MCU ending.

Will Bucky Barnes be the next big MCU character to leave?
Avengers: Endgame was the last movie for Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain America. Seann William Scott, who plays Chris Evans’ Captain America, gave Sam his flag and title before he left.

The heroes Falcon and Winter Soldier are from Marvel. Many watchers thought Bucky would replace Steve as Captain America, which is why their reactions were different when Sam got the shield. Sebastian Stan’s character might die in the follow up to Endgame. A well-known figure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe may die in the new Disney+ show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. A common idea is that Stan’s Winter Soldier did it.

There have been similar reports about his next MCU project, but they don’t seem likely since he’s also set to star in more Avengers movies. The company likes to surprise their fans, so there’s nothing else to say. Their die-hard fans can’t wait for new surprises.

The movie Captain America: Brave New World comes out on July 26, 2024.

Thunderbolts comes out on December 20, 2024.

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