When the American star went out in public, she wore a delicate outfit for a special event.

Jennifer Garner, who used to be married to Ben Affleck, went to the St. Helen’s Hospital Foundation’s yearly fundraiser.

A lot of famous people came to the event, which took place at the Charter Oak Restaurant in Napa, California.

Jennifer looked gorgeous. She was naturally beautiful and seemed at ease. It would be easy to think that the star of the movie “Juno” is a bride. Garner gave her normal style a little something new by cutting her hair shorter. She wore very little makeup with her neat curls. Brown eyeshadow and shimmery lipstick brought out the color of her eyes. The actor, who is 51 years old, wore an open-shouldered white Alexander McQueen dress to the event. The corseted bodice and thin layers of fabric in the skirt gave her outfit a sense of adventure.

This mother of several children wore clothes that showed off her slim figure and gave her a sun-kissed glow.

Jennifer made the outfit look even better by wearing brown shoes with high heels. Gold jewelry, like earrings, rings, a collar, and a bracelet, went well with her outfit.

The winner of the Golden Globe award seemed happy and calm. Garner smiled for the photographers and was happy to stand with fashion designer Elise Walker, columnist Rich Frank, and other important guests.

Jennifer’s friends told her how beautiful she was and gave her lots of compliments. People said things like, “It’s nice to see a woman without plastic surgery,” “She’s beautiful, but I think long hair looks better on her,” “Jennifer looks great, I love her haircut,” and “She’s so skinny after three births.”

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